About Labelon Inc.

Founded in 2006, Labelon Inc. is a professional label solutions provider in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. We provide one-stop total customized solutions to customers. We boast the most advanced label printing equipment including the Taiyo 8+1 and the Labelmen 6+1 rotary press for high quality printing.
We provide a wide spectrum of labels for all industries including low temperature (-40℃) and high temperature (80℃) labels, and sophisticated anti-counterfeiting labels.
Adhering to the principle of customer-oriented philosophy, we fully implement customer’s quality requirements to every production process and to all company operations.
Corporate objectives
We’re a label solutions provider for all industries. We strive to provide customized label solutions to clients of various industries to meet different requirements. With expertise in label design, we currently work with a number of clients in designing labels to serve different purposes. We plan to further expand cooperation with clients in label design to meet different requirements, anti-counterfeiting labels in particular.